Choosing the right size appliance is crucial, especially when you are spending a lot of money. With proper maintenance, the new refrigerator offers a long lifecycle of more than a decade. Benefits offered by a suitable refrigerator include –

  • Lots of storage space
  • Promote fresh food longevity
  • Designed to organize items easily

The refrigerator must never be bought on the fly, just to discover later that they are not the right fit. Therefore, research in advance and make a smart choice in terms of style and dimensions.

On online appliance store buyers can browse through the different kinds of fridge having different dimensions. Check the measurements of the fridge you are interested in before deciding.

Average sizes of the fridge are –

Top freezer style W – 28 ¾” to 32 ¾”

  • H – 61 ¾” to 66 ¼”

Bottom freezer style

  • W- 29 ½” to 32 ¾”
  • H – 67” – 70”

French door

  • W – 29 ½” – 36”
  • H – 68 ½” – 70 1/8”


  • W – 32 ¾” – 39 ¾”
  • H – 65 7/8” – 71 ¼”

Besides, the Width and height you will need to check the depth. The standard fridge offers two options –

  • Counter-depth – It sits flush with countertops and offers a more integrated look but you will need to compromise with storage capacity.
  • Standard depth – It extends past countertops, so more storage space is available but looks less streamlined.

The deciding factor depends on whether you prioritize aesthetics or storage.

What fridge size is appropriate for your home?


Per person, you will need 4 to 6 cubic storage capacity but you will still need to consider the space to install or position it.

  • Measure the space width, height, and depth of the space
  • Even consider proper ventilation because the appliance gets heated and needs room to breathe.
  • Besides, there has to be sufficient space in front for opening and closing the fridge door with ease.
  • Measure your front doorway width and even other areas, so the fridge can be brought inside the ultimate resting spot.

Eating habits & lifestyle

  • If diner gets delivered frequently then a small fridge is suitable.
  • If you entertain a lot than a large size is ideal to cater to extra beverages and food.
  • Fresh foods like veggies, fruits, and meats need more storage space than prepared food items like pre-chopped veggies and sliced meat.

Consider the grocery items you purchase regularly for choosing the right capacity. Other things you need to look out for are shelving, childproofing, crispers, water & ice dispensers, and color.